Flower Delivery in Ramsgate, Broadstairs & Margate

Funeral Flowers

Offering you our experience and help to ensure that you can choose the most fitting and personal tributes for your loved ones.

We can discuss making sure you make the right choice of tribute to meet your needs.

Funeral letters

From £120

Loose Letters

From £50

Seasonal Casket Sprays

From £140

Pastel Casket Spray

From £165

Country Garden Casket Spray

From £155

Sunflower Casket Spray

From £155

Violet Casket Spray

From £155

Rose Casket Sprays

From £165

Rose and Carnation Casket Spray

From £155

Rose and Lily Casket Spray

From £155

Single ended sprays


Tied Sheaf

From £40

Rose Tied Sheaf

From £50

Based Heart

From £65

Loose Heart

From £75

Open Loose Heart



From £60


From £80

Traditional Wreath

From £65

Loose Wreath

From £65

Contemporary Cushion


Based Cushion

From £90


From £55

Traditional Posy

From £55

Gates of Heaven


Football Shirt


Horse Head


Teddy Bear


3D Teapot




Rugby Ball




Double Heart

From £135

Vegetable Patch Tribute


Football Badge




Horse shoe


Electric Guitar


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